We create hardware and software for immersive virtual experiences.

Our Alma simulator is a state-of-the-art simulator that provides amazing sensations through its movement, vibrations and leading ergonomics and ease of position adjustment.


Experience driving sensations developed by and for professional racing drivers. Our team engineered ImSim‘s Hardware and Software without ever compromising comfort, realism, practicality, and aesthetics.

ImSim Alma uses its 3 degrees of freedom (roll, pitch, and yaw) to feed precise motion inputs that very accurately represent crucial sensations such as grip limit, weight transfer, suspension travel, loss of traction, road noise such as bumps/curbs/gravel or grass, as well as important nuances such as track inclination, braking, and lateral G-force inputs.


ImSim‘s approach to movement is drastically different from most motion simulation options on the market. ImSim‘s factory motion profiles were co-developed with professional racing drivers and typically use very short and precise movements that convey the most information possible without distracting you from your main job: driving fast!

Customers aren’t limited to using pre-installed free-of-charge movement presets as ImSimMotion software allows users to configure their own profiles and tune motion and transducer settings to their personal preference. We offer a very big amplitude of movement, near lag-free response time and very strong motors, so options are endless when it comes to setting up the perfect experience for you.

Our proprietary Software and Hardware were developed in-house, so they match in perfect harmony, our team has also worked in direct contact with the creators of compatible simulation games, all to give you optimal performance.


We rent simulators.

Being an excellent brand activation product, ImSim Alma is a great addition to your trade show stand or marketing event. It’s also a great entertainment solution for a private event.


We’ve also developed a venue management software that can control multiple simulators, starting and
stopping races, editing player names, choosing track-car combinations and even changing from
single/triple screen and VR experiences, all possible from a PC or tablet connected to the same network.


We personalise in-game car skins, racetracks, helmets, gloves, race suits, and other virtual objects.

This is especially interesting for brand activation marketing events as customers engage in a uniquely intense
experience that will be remembered and associated with the sponsoring brand