ImSim’s frequently asked questions

Will the Simulator be ready to use straight out of the box?2020-05-19T14:56:43+01:00

If you decide to acquire an ImSim FlightCase, your simulator will arrive prepared and totally set up!

How hard is it to play on ImSim?2020-05-19T14:51:49+01:00

Our team’s developed several different experiences with different difficulty levels.

Because the pleasure and excitement of our users is our priority, we’ve engineered physics for alternative vehicles that are a lot easier to drive, providing a great experience for anyone, from inexperienced drivers to professional race drivers.

How many Degrees of Freedom does your motion system offer?2020-05-19T14:43:10+01:00

ImSim Alma provides 3DOF (roll, pitch and yaw).

Does ImSim require specialized staffing?2020-05-19T14:42:14+01:00


We’ve developed a venue management software that can control multiple simulators, starting and
stopping races, editing player names, choosing track-car combinations and even changing from
single/triple screen and VR experiences, all possible from a PC or tablet connected to the same network.

This is a very easy user-friendly software that can be operated by non-specialized staff.

Where can i find guides or documents of any needed maintenance?2020-04-03T16:48:22+01:00

ImSim provides support documents with information related to the simulator. Instructions on how to use and how to maintain it.

Are there any age restrictions?2020-05-19T14:32:20+01:00

ImSim‘s age limit is dictated by the peripherals (pedals, VR headsets, etc).

How fast can I move an ImSim simulator and start it up?2020-05-19T14:30:00+01:00

Under 1 minute!

Setting up a motion simulator can take up to 3 hours, but ImSim Alma was designed to be easily transportable. Its small footprint allowed us to develop a Plug’n’Play solution that allows our customers to plug it to the mains and start using it without any installation required, in under 1 minute!

How big is ImSim Alma?2020-05-19T14:27:05+01:00

You can install your ImSim in a small space, as we’ve designed our racing simulator with a very compact footprint (0,8m x 2m).

Do you provide installation and usage instructions?2020-05-19T14:24:24+01:00

ImSim‘s racing simulator comes with a user manual that will provide instructions on how to properly set-up.

We also provide tutorial videos to our customers that show how to solve simple problems that could result from software updates or third party hardware integration.

What if I have more questions, how can I contact you?2020-04-03T16:39:28+01:00

Our priority is keeping our customer’s happy, so our customer support includes communication via e-mail, WhatsApp and phone calls, as well as TeamViewer interventions within a very strict timeframe from the moment our help is requested. Contacts can be found in the “contacts” area of the website.

What should I do if I have any issue with my simulator?2020-05-19T14:13:28+01:00

Our team provides customer services, both remotely and on-site. ImSim technicians are trained to communicate effectively, to understand issues and provide solutions quickly.

Do you ship internationally?2020-05-19T14:11:27+01:00

We ship worldwide.

How long does it take for my simulator to be assembled?2020-05-19T14:10:10+01:00

Our simulators are usually ready for shipping within 6 to 8 weeks.

How reliable is ImSim?2020-05-19T14:07:51+01:00

Use your ImSim simulator without worrying about reliability issues.

ImSim is one of the most reliable motion simulators in the market, as it was designed to withstand intensive commercial use. Some of our units ran over 25 000 racing experiences each. That represents about 4000 hours of use per simulator, at full power, over 3 years.

These simulators did these impressive numbers without issues or any downtime, and they’re still running as smoothly as when they left our factory.

How’s ImSim’s customer support?2020-05-19T13:47:01+01:00

ImSim Alma motion racing Simulator requires very little maintenance. Mostly simple cleaning and periodic checks that can be performed by the customer. We provide a yearly equipment check service that includes an overall evaluation of the system.

If you encounter a problem, our team provides customer service worldwide, both remotely and in person.

What ROI do I get if i invest on ImSim as a business?2020-05-19T13:57:42+01:00

Businesses who’ve purchased our systems typically break even within the first year of activity.

ImSim can be monetized by renting the systems for events (full-day rentals), or they can be used to sell shorter 5 to 15 minutes experiences.

Do you provide installation services?2020-05-19T14:05:13+01:00

Our team provides customer service worldwide, both remotely and in person.


Does ImSim provide experiences other than racing simulation?2020-05-19T14:04:31+01:00


ImSim Alma is a very special entertainment ride with a wide variety of different experiences that will mesmerise your customers!

Car driving simulation, flight simulation, self-driven racing experiences or fantasy spaceship dogfighting are just some of the virtual reality experiences that you can provide to your customers. Virtually any leisure business can benefit from providing our virtual experiences due to our wide variety of experiences!

Is ImSim compatible with VR?2020-05-19T10:27:07+01:00


Based on extensive testing, our experience in events, and with the immense volume of feedback from our customers, we’ve developed dedicated VR motion profiles that reduce motion sickness levels to a bare minimum.

The facts that our seating position matches the car, as well as a very precise and near-immediate motion response, make our VR experience so immersive and realistic that most users will enjoy driving on ImSim, using screens or virtual reality goggles.

I already have a screen, can I use it with ImSim?2020-05-19T10:18:44+01:00


We always tailor-make our configurations to match our customer’s needs, so it’s always a possibility to implement pre-owned peripherals on our motion simulator.

Does the Simulator work with consoles?2020-05-19T10:14:51+01:00

You may use ImSim with consoles without motion if the peripherals that you’ve chosen are compatible.

In order to enjoy ImSim‘s motion, you’ll need to run the games on a PC.

What wheels and Pedals is ImSim compatible with?2020-05-19T10:12:34+01:00

ImSim Alma is currently compatible with FanatecLogitechThrustmaster, SimuCube, and Heusinkveld.

There are more compatible pedals and steering wheels sets, check with an ImSim representative for other compatible peripherals.



How many tracks and cars will i have access to?2020-05-19T10:07:51+01:00

Our compatibility with a wide variety of games allows you to race virtually any racing car or race track. Road racing, oval racing, rally, rallycross, drag, drift, etc.

Some of the games are also moddable, meaning that you can hire experts to create new race tracks or vehicles.

I already own a racing bucket seat, will it be compatible?2020-05-19T09:52:50+01:00

Our Universal Seat Support can fit bucket seats with the following width on fixations point f:

Min: 400 mm

Max: 470 mm

Seats can be adjusted in height and angle in order to fit the driver’s preference.
It covers a very wide range of different lateral fixing points, covering most bucket seat manufacturers.

What games are compatible with ImSim?2020-05-19T09:42:03+01:00

You may use any game compatible with your peripherals (steering wheel, pedals, joystick, etc) without motion.

These are the games currently compatible with ImSim Motion Software are:

1. Racing simulation:

a. Assetto Corsa
b. Assetto Corsa Competizione
c. Project Cars
d. Project Cars 2
e. rFactor
f. rFactor 2
g. iRacing
h. F1 2015
i. F1 2016
j. F1 2017
k. F1 2018
l. F1 2019
m. Dirt Rally
n. Dirt 4
o. Dirt Rally 2

2. Flight simulation:

a. Microsoft Flight Simulator X

3. Direct controller motion plugin recommended games:

a. EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone

Can I run online games with ImSim?2020-05-19T09:32:59+01:00


Races against friends or relatives, even if on the other side of the world!

You may also join eSports competitions or enjoy other compatible experiences online.

What’s ImSim’s warranty?2020-05-19T09:27:28+01:00

ImSim motion simulators come with a 2-year warranty.

All peripherals come with their factory warranties.