IMSIM ALMA SLOGAN CLOSING THE GAP TO PERFECTION ImSim V1 was already a great product, and any sane company would be happy with it, not us. We further developed the product and perfected it to our standard. Now completely satisfied with the simulator design we decided to name it. A wide variety of names was

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IMSIM V1  SLOGAN IMMERSIVE RACING SIMULATION Our first installation happened very shortly after showcasing our prototype, meaning that we’d need a finalized product ASAP. Our strategy was to implement a very quick cycle of testing, redesigning and implementation that allowed us to stabilize the design and start the production of ImSim V1. The first two units

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PROTOTYPE Our prototype was fully operational by late 2016. We knew that testing would bring a lot of opportunities to improve our product. We were also ready to start promoting ImSim and let the market demand guide our future hardware and software development efforts. Our slogan at this stage reflects our focus on providing the

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1st STAGE IDEATION Having decided that we were going to develop a simulator, our first step was to initiate the ideation phase. Here our designer drafted numerous alternative architectures for our chassis. All these were carefully examined by our engineering team, both for feasibility and potential for realism and quality of experience.

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